Huntington's disease !

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Huntington's disease is a fatal genetic brain disorder that destroys a person's mental and physical abilities. The disease is quite dangerous, because it can cause death if in a long time.

An estimated 30,000 Americans have it, and at least 150,000 more are at risk. And surveys show this number will further grow more in line with the turnaround time of an increasingly fast-paced.

Huntington's disease have an easily recognizable cirri, one person begins to feel the great confusion, chaos functions of the mind and mental decline.

The children of parents with HD have a 50-50 chance of inheriting the condition, and disease that can begin in early childhood.
Until now there is no cure for HD or Huntingtons Disease. Why have not found the cure?

According to experts Huntington's disease is still considered relatively new to the handling still further investigated. Similarly, methods of therapy, medication and recovery programs Inni Huntington's disease.

Be careful with this disease because its development will be more widespread, even get to your neighborhood without your awareness comes. Beware!