Albert Einstein Opening the Secret Theory of Relativity

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Albert Einstein, the name suddenly rose to the surface of the public. Genius makes the theory of relativity makes the world increasingly believe that Albert Einstein was a man GENIUS. EINSTEIN BASE ON NUMEROLOGY,MUST READ ! Albert Einstein had a unique way of thinking that comes from the right brain (imagination). Through a lengthy and complicated process of thinking, thoughts Eisntein find different space yanmg very rarely think a lot of people. Einstein claimed, that the best source of knowledge is not knowledge imagination. Einstein believes, there is so much space remains untouched thinking human thought. That is, there are many other genius that can be extracted through this particular thought process. Einstein was very confident, his invention is still very simple, anyone can soon find a new theory than his RELATIVITY THEORY

Albert Einstein gave a lot of inspiration that imagination is more important than knowledge. Albert Einstein believes, the universe is a duplication of the mind of the Creator.

Our task as human beings are created all the dreams because IMPOSSIBLE DREAM IN GOD WE MAKE IF WE DO NOT HAVE THE POTENTIAL TO ACHIEVE THIS DREAM see here the BIG SECRET EINSTEIN. In other words, Einstein would like to emphasize that whatever our imaginations, it is possible manifest.ALBERT EINSTEIN HOME, MUST READ !

Albert Einstein was a man of phenomenal. He even invites us to become a man of genius, because genius is simply a choice. Within ourselves there is no genius and our task is to find it, use it and menajamkannya up to the maximum.

Let's learn the mindset of Albert Einstein from now. "Imagination is more important than knowledge"