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Tombs Jenglot Jimbaran Bali Indonesia was first discovered by Army officers Wista Pecatu Labuan Sait Jimbaran beach while being monitored from the top of the cliff, Friday, May 7, 2010. When turned to the left side, the officer was suspicious of the mysterious mound that turned out to be the tomb (grave) again proclaim a major event, namely the discovery of small small things like humans, but like a rat size.

After the grave has been dug, a resident found three specimens in the form of a mermaid small size and long hair wrapped in white cloth and two more in the form Jenglot. Jenglot the cross-legged in a sleeping position and length of each about 40 centimeters (cm).
Meanwhile, in the vicinity of the location of the discovery of the tomb Jenglot Jimbaran Bali Indonesia fragrant smell that mingled smell of dead bodies.
Jenglot invention is of course make a scene and disturb residents tourists.

Is Jenglot? Really Jenglot there?
Jenglot is a strange phenomenon began to spread in the community BALI Indonesia in 1997an. Jenglot is an object / creature (I'm confused determine whether the object or creature) who form a small man with a body no more than 12 cm and his long hair, rare and stiff through the legs, and long fingernails.
Jenglot believed to society is as a person who has the magic of science in the past (maybe a hermit so) who died, but he was rejected by the earth, so that his body was not destroyed but shrunk into shapes like Jenglot. Means believed that "Jenglot it used to be a man" ...

If examined in terms of scientific, obviously there may be a phenomenon like this. The human body would decompose if buried in the soil. But in reality Jenglot have similar DNA to humans when tested in modern laboratories. Are you curious? Please come to Bala Wista Pecatu Labuan Sait Jimbaran Bali Indonesia. Jenglot still there, and is waiting for you!