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Really Lost in Swallow Miyabi Japanese Tsunami?. For fans of Japanese artist HOT Miyabi certainly surprised to read the title above, as we all know a big earthquake followed by tsunami waves hit Japan. As a result of the largest natural disaster in Japan after 140 years causing loss of life that not a few, there are roughly about 300 more people died in the tragedy of the Tsunami and the earthquake was, then how are these Miyabi Japanese porn actress? Miyabi Really Missing?

According to information obtained, hot movie star who could play the movie in Indonesia Miyabi still unknown, aka Miyabi is lost. This was conveyed by Ody Mulya, producer Maxima Pictures. He said he had tried to contact Miyabi several times but no answer back.
"I heard the news about the loss Miyabi three o'clock on Friday. My contacts Miyabi management, but can not at this time. I continue to SMS, I can hear from my friend, Miyabi has not been found. Frankly, I am very worried at all, "said Ody really anxious fear Miyabi lost due Tsunami tragedy in Japan.see here the virus solutions

Regarding the Earthquake and Tsunami tragedy in Japan in March 2011, the Ody said sorry to the great tragedy of natural disasters, he very much hopes of his favorite artist, Miyabi, congratulations and immediately gave the news. "I have an SMS and email to your Facebook Miyabi, but there has been no reply. I hope Miyabi okay, I'll try to keep the contacts there, "said Ody when diwanacarai journalists.

Missing because of worries about the Miyabi Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan is also based on contractual agreements Miyabi film in Indonesia, Ody said "He will be filming this summer, so I do a lot of prayer and hope does not happen anything at Miyabi," he added.

It seems that the fans entertained Miyabi in Indonesia going back to the acting of the leading porn actresses from Japan, just wait surprises latest film Maria Ozawa later in Indonesia.

Indeed there has been no news developments Miyabi gossip Missing since Tsunami and Earthquake in Japan that cost the lives of up to 300 people more, whether Miyabi survived and is okay or japanese porn actresses who could play the movie "Kidnapping Miyabi" and "Ghost Land coachman" is correct completely lost due to the Tsunami tragedy in Japan.