Kamasutra Bali, New Trend - Hot !

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Bali is a unique sex veiled way. Many people do not know that outside Bali Bali has a cultural heritage that is very amazing sex. Kama Tattwa is a group of Hindu texts that specifically talk about sex and its problems. Not surprisingly, the people of Bali are very glorifies sex through intercourse because it will achieve nirvana condition (heaven). Bali is an island of the gods were laden with magical elements. Sex itself is magical and high memilikiderajat for the Balinese. Text Rsi Sambina, Yaning Stri Sexual intercourse discuss various ways that can be done by a married couple to seek sexual pleasure. Withdrawal Rahasya discuss areas of erotic woman / wife should be known by the husband, in order to facilitate women to reach orgasm. If you learn the art of Balinese sex, of course, will experience the sensation of nirvana. Bali has a tremendous knowledge of sex. Not infrequently, the tourists hooked the first time having sex with people of Bali, because merekja very proficient. Rukmini Tattwa and Indrani is a text that explains the secret of the success of the Goddess Saci maintain the love of God Indra, through traditional herbs women. Pamedasmara an indication of the good choice to have intercourse. Usadha Samaratuta and Usada Larakamatus is the text that contains various kinds of medicinal herb useful guidance to overcome various sexual complaints. So, when you want to Bali? At least learn the art of Balinese asmaragama of the ancestral heritage of this island. Who knows can bring your partner to nature nirvana.