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Tsunami Aceh, there was already 11 years ago. The whole world gasped in surprise, when the Tsunami in Aceh occurred. Thousands of lives lost suddenly rather Sunday, December 26th, 2004 at 07:55 pm. Who would have thought, Aceh as a city full of peace suddenly become hell. Within minutes, thousands of lives were swept away by tsunami waves as high as 30 meters (Sepohon coconut). What actually happened in Aceh in December 2004 it? Is it true that a tsunami was purely due to the large plates are shifting under the skin of the bum, the Indian plate and the Burma plate each move, coincide with each other, and finally shake the affected areas in the Indian Ocean with a strength of approximately 9.2 on the Richter Scale? Are you sure ?

At first the world believe that it is a purely natural disaster. But there may be billions of human beings who do not see the other side of the tsunami. The other hand it is a scenario number of people who deliberately want to divert attention on the war conflict in Iraq about the withdrawal of American forces in the era of 2004-2005. Believe it may not. ( source

Tsunamni Aceh is very powerful, even more powerful than the eruption of Krakatoa which time it erupted just killed about 36,000 in 1883 ago. Though it is very powerful and terrible throughout the history of mankind. But it turns out to exceed kesahsyatan Krakatau tsunami, which claimed more than 230,000 lives recorded killed in the tsunami in 14 countries affected.

Some analysis reveals, behind the tsunami there was a scenario that had been installed by a handful of bad guys look good in the eyes of the world. Highly unlikely, a natural disaster suddenly without da symptoms a few days earlier. For example, for a volcanic eruption has been detected only a few months of the new volcanic eruption. Tsunami or other, no-gelala accompanying symptoms, eg, an earthquake occurred a few times and then climax moment.

Tsunami very different. As there is a super-powerful bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombs. But the explosion installed under the ocean, close to Aceh. And one button press, BOOOM! Sea level so the spill, 30 meters high swept Aceh and its surroundings. Some data must be other countries that also affected damnpaknya, namely Sri Lanka (30 240) Southern India (9675) Thailand (5288) Burma (90) Malaysia (68) Bangladesh (2).

Tsunami Bomb is a super-sophisticated technology that is still kept secret by the world. It is true may not be known to many people, as it is used for high-level political interest. But we can not accuse the man who committed the crime this high level. To be sure, let us together to learn from history, because history will repeat itself. **