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One of Bali craft that many tourists is the craft of making masks. Many Balinese craftsmen skilled in terms of making the mask. And unique, Balinese masks are well known quality. Starting from the mask pattern to the selection of the mask itself. All good quality and have a strong appeal for tourists. Actually, what is the usefulness of the mask itself? 

Many who use the mask as jewelry living room to a private room. The mask is always exudes a unique charisma, so has its own vibration to see it. Singapadu village terberlokasi Bali is a village about 19 km from Denpasar Bali, or precisely located in the district of Sukawati Gianyar Bali. The village is known as a craft village inherited Balinese masks from time to time. 

This village can be found in many types of craft mask culture in Bali are usually sourced from local mythological creatures. It is a main attraction for tourists. Singapadu village store More than 20 craftsmen in this village that produces Balinese masks. 

This mask craft is one factor that makes Bali is known in the international arena, in addition to the natural beauty and culture. One mask artisans in the village Singapadu is Kadek Juliana. The business is run Kadek from the legacy of his father. 

According to I Kadek, craft mask has been occupied since 1970. The father in the gallery named his camp Bali there are many different types of homemade masks are lined up neatly on the old wooden shelves display nan antique. Kadek paper mask making masks became popular long ago. 

Many of the tours are booked and buy handcrafted wooden masks Kadek when the tourists come to Bali. Kadek and artificial mask is very beautiful and has charisma. Actually, many craftsmen in Bali mask, but only a few that have the best reputation and high quality, including Kadek.Topeng work is generally a lot of motives, and are mostly made of wood and other selected ingredients. If used for accessories is perfect, or as a souvenir and birthday gifts. Come buy masks made in Bali.