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Pura is a house of worship for the people of Bali. In the temple, the Balinese people to worship God. But be unique if there is a temple located under the sea.

All matters related to the underwater world, would be an attraction of many people. Underwater temple in Pemuteran, Bali, for example, in 2010 got excited because it is referred to as the royal relics underwater. The news shocked many people that year. At Pura Taman tourist call.

Photo underwater temple a few years ago circulated in cyberspace. The temple, which is located in the Gulf of Pemuteran, Buleleng, north Bali namely, was mentioned as a relic of Atlantis. Is that right? The form is assured, but the original temple located on the seabed.

Some opinions say, formerly the kingdom in Bali that is so glorious, but because of the curse, the kingdom was drowned by the sea. Strange indeed, but that's a fact.

Name the location of underwater temple it is Pura Taman. The diving here, you will find the building of the temple complete with figurines such as Buddha and Ganesha. All artwork is purchased directly from local artisans. Many travelers were surprised by the presence of underwater temple. Really a very beautiful scenery and exotic when it was towing it.

But behind that belief, it turns out The BBC website said the project involves some hotel owners, fishermen, dive agency services, scientists, and environmental conservationist. In addition to conservation objectives, the project also has economic value and tourism.

What does that mean? It turns out the underwater temple was originally motivated by myths about the history of the kingdom drowned broken by information from the tourism, that turns the temple building was deliberately created and sunk to the seabed.

You can visited the temples underwater dives through service agents spread in Buleleng. Now, art objects were successfully covered by colorful coral. Moreover, local people brought the concept of Bio Rock which could create new coral with a completely different way. It is very beautiful and natural as real temple buried sea water thousands of years ago.

"We use electricity to accelerate the growth of coral reefs," the project manager Bio Rock, Komang Astika never explained to detikTravel.

Metal frame sunk into the seabed. Not only ignored, but also electrified by 6-10 volts. Electricity is fed continuously to the coral reefs are considered 'adult'. This can turn reef 2-6 times faster than usual. This is how the tourism create artificial reefs.

Bio Rock project is already underway in Pemuteran village for 14 years. Currently, there are 90 skeletons were covered with healthy coral reefs in the waters of Pemuteran Bay. Together Taman Pura, Bio Rock project become a highlight of the divers in Pemuteran bay. A creativity that is very unique and interesting.

Although Taman Pura is not a relatively new project, but his name still lay among tourists. In fact, Taman Pura in the Top 10 Sights Underwater in the book "Lonely Planet: 1000 Ultimate Sights". Apart from the artificial temple, this location to be a very attractive foreign and domestic travelers. Interested to see firsthand? Come here.