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Baju Bali is the main attraction for tourists. Concessions, clothes Bali has an interesting motif, ranging from the mythical image of Bali as heads up various symbols Bali Leak interesting. Many tourists are interested about Bali symbol. They were very proud when buying clothes Bali uniquely patterned and then taken to their country and demonstrate to all his friends.

Baju Bali is not only interesting picture motifs but also the material of the clothes soft and durable. There are many craftsmen bali clothes scattered around Bali.Dan you can choose clothes bali so interesting.
Traditional Balinese dress the most luxurious is the Supreme Clothing. This clothing is usually worn during the series of events cutting teeth or marriage. So many kinds of garments Bali here, ranging from casual to dress bali bali dress customs.

Traditional clothing Bali

There are several variations of Clothing Great views of the place, time and circumstances. The fabric used in traditional Balinese clothes this one is wastra special guardian for ceremonies or wastra white as a symbol of purity. But, not infrequently fabrics in traditional Balinese dress is replaced with songket very fit to represent the luxury or prestige to the wearer.

As for men Bali in addition to wearing the cloth as a traditional Balinese dress they wore seam gelagan or so-called dodot used to cover the chest. All you can choose based on their needs. In essence, Bali clothes very interesting and unique.

Meanwhile, women Bali before wearing Clothing Court normally use a cloth lining called Sinjang or tapih to pace the woman to make it look graceful. No wonder many Balinese women look elegant and charming, they are very elegant wearing this bali.