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For those travelers who like adventure, then there are several locations in Bali horror tour that suits you. We will discuss only three of the most horrific of the tour in Bali. The goal was to add experience and increase the hormone adrenaline that life becomes more challenging and fun. Our advice, do not own, and there were two men try to make it more secure and comfortable to enjoy the feel horror at this place.

1. Wildlife Festival.

The building is abandoned for 14 years as a recreational park in Bali and famous haunted. This park used to be known to be very crowded, but because of management mistakes finally park located in Jalan Padang Galak Beach, Sanur Bali is closed. And the location is left alone for a long time. Though fairly large extent, so many places that are considered haunted by local people as a result of this festival in the closed park in a long time. I was so haunted, many crocodile nesting in this place. It is very intimidating.

2. Bounty Beach Club Resort
Shape of the building is like its name, as bungalows.Dulu place is very crowded with guests from various countries. However, since the owner died mysteriously, this building nobody care. Its location on the Southwestern coast of Gili Meno. Guaranteed for those of you who came here would merinding.Ini because the location where it was very austere and full of ghosts. There is even a belief since the Bali bombing in 2012 and then, the ghosts of curiosity often gather in this place..very creepy.

3. Aircraft in South Kuta
The form is a real ship, and by the restaurant's owners made the tamu.Tapi who would have thought the wreck was actually of interest to curious spirits. Some visitors claim to have a lot of strange things when visiting there. Starting from the appearance of the female soul to physically harassed by an invisible creature.
For those of you who are curious to taste the nuances of horror, please come to South Kuta, along Jalan Nusa Dua Selatan. Just ask some of the natives there, and you will be taken to that location. It is suggested to be both, it was minimal, because we can not know what will happen.