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The waterfall is one of the highest attractiveness for tourists. The reason is obvious, because the waterfall splashing sound of water issuing distinct and mental therapy. In Bali there are many waterfalls of waterfalls that are natural to the artificial waterfall. Waterfalls are generally travel in Buleleng, namely attraction southern part of Bali.

 Waterfall in Bali is unique, because every attraction Waterfall usually has its own myth. the tourists are very interested in the myths that exist in each of the waterfalls in Bali. They want to know the history of the origin of the waterfall. 

That's what makes the tourists feel like a waterfall in Bali, since each has a high historical value. 

 Here are some of the waterfalls in Bali travel most favored by tourists. 
 1. Waterfall Gitgit. This waterfall is located in the south of Bali, most of this tour already has a complete infrastructure, close to the Ngurah Rai Airport and several major hotels. At this location is also provided Bali rafting tracking and biking tourist travel. Gitgit waterfall site is in the village of Mount Luwih Gitgit North Bali. if we depart from Kuta Bali will take 2 hours 30 minutes.

 2. Niagara Melanting The waterfall is no less beautiful than other waterfalls.
The location is in the District of Banjar Bali Buleleng regency. The distance of about 77 km from Kuta Bali. on this tour we will see the falls from a height of 20 m. We can also soak the water around the waterfall and the atmosphere is so beautiful and comfortable. 

 3. Niagara Tegunungan It is also highly preferred tourist sites tourists from many Negara.
Walau not too high, even impressed but falls short in this Tegunungan beauty, no less with another waterfall. Its location in Ubud Bali and the travel around so much beauty and natural charm that deserves to be explored. It's good we had to come there to see beautiful waterfalls this Tegunungan as suitable for selfie and also an excursion with his family. Semangat.